Selection of Print Design


A selection of print design including books,
brochures, and posters.

Treasures found in Lawrence Hall
A treasure game system—Treasure Map
Setting a treasure game system and a theme for the museum would make the trip into a science adventure. Every individual will receive a treasure map when they’ve paid for their tickets. All exhibitions in the museum are on the map and each exhibition has one or several challenges, by completing these science challenges successfully, each map will be tagged with a “pass” sticker and visitors will get an extra clue for the next exhibition. Once all stickers are tagged and all clues are collected, visitors will be rewarded with the treasure from the museum officially.

A Manual Book Redesign: RIDDELL SPEEDFLEX.

Exercise in Style
Posters designed for a story of “Aside”.
In the course, Typography 2, I designed a series of posters for a story from the book, “Exercises in Style”. I was assigned the narrative “Aside”. I applied different strategies to design typography based on the content of the narrative.

Type Specimen
Half Empty, Half Full.
What is the smallest building block of typography? Is it the word? Or the letter? The shape of a counter? The space between letterforms? For this project, it was to break apart language into its smallest possible forms and build it back up again.

CCA 2018
Advanced Type
Instructed by Benjamin Shaykin

Sakers Recruitment Poster
This was the poster I made for my college football team Sakers after I graduated in 2016. It was inspired by movie “Paths of Glory” to motivate the new members to take on what the graduates honored and keep pursuing the higher level.

Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School Summer Camp posters
Volunteer Activities
Buddha’s Light Hsi Lai School is located at Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights. I designed posters and other printed matters for the school as the volunteer.

On the Reverse of the Water
Album 1. Modern Jazz Album
Imagine you are submerged in water, floating on the boundary between air and water. Under your feet is the dazzling infinite abyss.

Orange Outlet Brochure Design
School Project
Urban Architecture: Outlets at Orange.

Audrn Financial Group Brochure Design
Client: STUDIO S
For: Audrn Financial Group

IRON LAB Info Sheet Design
Client: STUDIO S

Quickmart commercial shooting proposal design
Client: SH FOTOFactory
Presentation Design.