School Project: Alpha Biometric Apparel
Instructed by Scott L. Minneman (Institute for the future Researcher) and Michael Bartalos (Facebook art director)

When I was a kid, I read comic books and dreamed to be a superhero like every other kid did. Then I grew up a little bit, I wished I could hoop like my favorite basketball star and shoot Game-winning shots in front of everybody. So now, I am trying to get back to my dream with the alpha suit. This suit can capture and record users’ movement and these data can be uploaded and shared in the cloud.

So I can download my favorite star’s move to the suit and let the suit teach me.

To let people believe these are existed in the real world or the near-future. I use visual language to bring people into my universe and remind them what they dreamed to have and who they wanted to be.

Project Alpha: Mood Board
Project Alpha: Intro
Project Alpha: App UI design